Safe & Adjustable Kitchen Stool for Kids

The SDADI Toddler Kitchen Stool Helper is an essential tool for young children who want to be involved in kitchen activities. This step stool is designed with safety in mind, featuring dual safety rails and non-slip feet pads to prevent any accidents. It also offers three adjustable heights to accommodate different kitchen counters or tables, ensuring that your child can reach comfortably. The stool is made of durable plastic material and comes in a sleek white color that complements any kitchen decor. With the SDADI Toddler Kitchen Stool Helper, your child can safely and confidently assist you in the kitchen while learning important skills. SDADI Toddler Kitchen Stool Helper is the solution for parents who want their little ones to be independent and included in meal preparation.



Introducing the SDADI Toddler Kitchen Stool Helper

The SDADI Toddler Kitchen Stool Helper is a versatile and practical addition to any kitchen. Designed specifically for young children, this plastic step stool offers a safe and convenient way for kids to reach kitchen counters, sinks, and other elevated surfaces.

Adjustable Height for Growing Toddlers

One of the standout features of this kitchen stool helper is its adjustable height. With three different height options, it can accommodate the needs of growing toddlers. This means that as your child gets taller, the stool can be easily adjusted to ensure their safety and comfort while using it.

The dual safety rails provide additional and stability, allowing your child to confidently step up and reach higher surfaces. These rails also help prevent accidental slips and falls, giving parents peace of mind knowing their child is secure.

Non-Slip Feet Pads

The SDADI Toddler Kitchen Stool Helper features non-slip feet pads on each leg. These pads provide an extra level of stability, ensuring that the stool stays firmly in place while your child is using it. This reduces the risk of accidents caused by the stool sliding or tipping over.

Furthermore, the white color of this stool adds a clean and modern look to any kitchen decor. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to move around and store when not in use.

Overall, the SDADI Toddler Kitchen Stool Helper is a practical and safe solution for parents who want to involve their young children in kitchen activities. Its adjustable height, dual safety rails, and non-slip feet pads make it an excellent choice for toddlers who are eager to help out in the kitchen.

SDADI Toddler Kitchen Stool Helper – Adjustable Height, Dual Safety Rails, Non-Slip Feet Pads (White)

Technical Details:

– Product Dimensions: 18.1″D x 17.3″W x

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Features of the SDADI Toddler Kitchen Stool Helper

  • 3 adjustable heights to accommodate growing children
  • Dual safety rails for added security and stability
  • Non-slip feet pads to prevent accidents and ensure a firm grip on the floor
  • Durable plastic construction for long-lasting use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight and portable for easy transportation
  • Helps children reach countertops and sinks safely
  • Encourages independence and participation in household activities
  • Modern and sleek design in a classic white color
  • Perfect for kitchen, bathroom, and other areas where children need a boost
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