iPilot Link: Revolutionizing Your Boating Experience

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Understanding the Functionality of iPilot Link

What is iPilot Link

Feature Description
Wireless Control iPilot Link is a cutting-edge technology that allows anglers to wirelessly control their trolling motors with unparalleled precision. The system utilizes advanced wireless protocols to provide seamless control over various trolling motor functions, including steering, speed, and spot-lock capabilities.
GPS Integration One of the standout features of iPilot Link is its seamless integration with GPS technology. By connecting to a GPS-enabled device, such as a fishfinder or compatible smartphone app, anglers can take advantage of advanced navigation features. These include the ability to create and follow precise routes, mark waypoints, and even control the trolling motor based on specific geographical locations.
Spot-Lock Technology iPilot Link's Spot-Lock technology revolutionizes boat positioning by providing an incredibly accurate and reliable virtual anchor. By utilizing GPS coordinates, the system can automatically hold the boat in a specific spot, compensating for wind, current, and other factors. This feature is particularly beneficial for anglers who want to stay in a prime fishing location without constantly adjusting their motor.
Advanced Control Modes Beyond the basic control functions, iPilot Link offers a range of advanced modes that cater to different fishing scenarios. For example, the Cruise Control mode allows users to set and maintain a specific speed, mimicking the behavior of a traditional boat cruise control system. Additionally, the AutoPilot mode enables the boat to follow a selected compass heading, freeing up the angler to focus on other aspects of fishing.
Remote App Compatibility With the dedicated iPilot Link mobile app, anglers can gain even more control and convenience. The app extends the functionalities of the system, allowing users to control their trolling motor from their smartphones or tablets. This means that anglers can make adjustments or change settings without having to be physically present at the motor's control head, providing a truly wireless and flexible experience.
As an expert, I highly recommend iPilot Link for any angler seeking to enhance their fishing experience. This advanced technology not only simplifies boat control but also elevates precision and efficiency on the water. From wireless control and GPS integration to the revolutionary Spot-Lock feature, iPilot Link offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities that will undoubtedly take your fishing to new heights. With the added convenience of the remote app compatibility, you can now effortlessly control your trolling motor from the palm of your hand. Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your angling game with iPilot Link.

Mastering iPilot Link in Minutes: The Ultimate Easy Tutorial

What is iPilot Link?

iPilot Link is an advanced GPS-based trolling system developed by Minn Kota, a leading manufacturer of marine trolling motors. This innovative technology revolutionizes the way anglers control and navigate their boats, providing precise and effortless boat positioning, automatic boat control, and enhanced fishing capabilities.

Main Features of iPilot Link

1. Precise Boat Positioning

iPilot Link utilizes advanced GPS technology to provide anglers with unparalleled boat positioning accuracy. With its integrated GPS receiver, iPilot Link allows you to anchor your boat precisely on a selected spot or automatically follow predefined routes, ensuring you stay on top of productive fishing areas.

2. Automatic Boat Control

One of the standout features of iPilot Link is its ability to automatically control your boat's speed and direction, freeing you from the constant need to adjust your trolling motor. With the push of a button, iPilot Link can maintain a constant speed, follow a desired heading, or even replicate specific fishing patterns, allowing you to focus more on catching fish and less on boat control.

3. Advanced Spot-Lock Technology

iPilot Link's Spot-Lock feature is a game-changer for anglers. By simply pressing a button, iPilot Link can electronically anchor your boat in a specific location, using GPS to keep it within a few feet of that spot, regardless of wind or current. This hands-free anchoring system is perfect for fishing in windy conditions or when you want to stay precisely over a specific structure or fishing spot.

4. Integrated Contour Mapping

iPilot Link integrates with Humminbird fish finders and provides detailed contour mapping of the waterbody you're fishing. This feature allows you to create and store precise digital maps of your favorite fishing spots, complete with depth contours, underwater structures, and even vegetation. These maps can be easily accessed and used to navigate to specific fishing areas, improving your efficiency on the water.

5. Wireless Remote Control and Mobile App

iPilot Link comes with a wireless remote control that allows you to operate the system from anywhere on your boat. The remote control features an intuitive interface and provides easy access to all the system's functionalities. Additionally, Minn Kota offers a mobile app that enables you to control iPilot Link directly from your smartphone or tablet, giving you even more convenience and flexibility.

Benefits of iPilot Link

iPilot Link offers numerous advantages to anglers, making it an invaluable tool for any serious fishing enthusiast. Here are some of the key benefits:

1. Increased Fishing Efficiency

With iPilot Link's precise boat positioning, automatic control, and spot-lock capabilities, anglers can spend more time fishing and less time worrying about boat control or drift. This increased efficiency translates into more casts, more fishing time, and ultimately, more chances to catch fish.

2. Enhanced Boat Control

iPilot Link's automatic boat control features give anglers unprecedented control over their boat's speed and direction. Whether you need to maintain a specific trolling speed or follow a precise fishing pattern, iPilot Link ensures your boat stays exactly where you want it, allowing you to focus on the fishing instead of constantly adjusting your trolling motor.

3. Improved Navigation

Thanks to iPilot Link's integration with Humminbird fish finders and contour mapping capabilities, anglers can navigate unfamiliar waters with confidence. The detailed digital maps provide valuable information about underwater structures, depths, and vegetation, allowing you to identify productive fishing spots and navigate to them effortlessly.

4. Adaptability and Convenience

iPilot Link's wireless remote control and mobile app give anglers the freedom to control and operate the system from anywhere on their boat. This adaptability allows for easy adjustments while fishing, without the need to constantly return to the trolling motor. Whether you prefer using the wireless remote or your smartphone, iPilot Link offers convenient and user-friendly options.

5. Versatility

iPilot Link is compatible with a wide range of Minn Kota trolling motors, making it accessible to anglers with different boat setups and preferences. Whether you have a bow-mounted or transom-mounted trolling motor, iPilot Link can enhance your fishing experience and provide you with the advanced features and functionalities it offers.


iPilot Link is a game-changing technology that brings unprecedented control and convenience to anglers. With its precise boat positioning, automatic control, spot-lock feature, integrated contour mapping, and wireless remote control, iPilot Link offers a range of benefits that enhance fishing efficiency, boat control, navigation, and overall fishing experience. If you're looking to take your fishing to the next level, iPilot Link is definitely worth considering.

What is iPilot Link

  • iPilot Link is a wireless remote control system for Minn Kota trolling motors.
  • It allows anglers to control their trolling motor from anywhere on the boat.
  • The system uses Bluetooth technology to connect the remote control to the trolling motor.
  • iPilot Link offers advanced features like Spot-Lock, which automatically keeps the boat in position, and AutoPilot, which navigates the boat along a specific heading.
  • Users can also create and store routes, so the trolling motor can automatically follow a specific path.
  • iPilot Link is compatible with select Humminbird fish finders, allowing users to control the trolling motor directly from the fish finder's screen.
  • The system also offers integration with Humminbird's LakeMaster mapping software, providing detailed maps and navigation features.
  • iPilot Link is designed to enhance the fishing experience by providing precise boat control and seamless integration with other fishing electronics.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is iPILOT Link?

    iPILOT Link is a revolutionary software that allows you to connect and control your Minn Kota trolling motor from your mobile device or compatible fish finder. It provides advanced features like autopilot, spot-lock, and recordable routes, enhancing your fishing experience.

    How does iPILOT Link work?

    iPILOT Link works by utilizing a wireless connection between your trolling motor and your mobile device or compatible fish finder. Once connected, you can use the iPILOT Link app or interface on your fish finder to access and control various features of your trolling motor.

    Can I use iPILOT Link with any Minn Kota trolling motor?

    iPILOT Link is compatible with select Minn Kota Ultrex and Ulterra trolling motors. It is important to check the compatibility of your specific model before using iPILOT Link.

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