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Directv Channel is FOX brings you the best in entertainment, sports, news, and more. With an extensive lineup of popular programming, you can enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and sports events all in one place. Whether you are a fan of dramas, comedies, or reality TV, you can find it all on Directv Channel is FOX. The channel has something for everyone, from the latest hit series to classic movies and award-winning documentaries. And if you are a sports fan, Directv Channel is FOX has got you covered with live coverage of the biggest games and events, including NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. Plus, with breaking news coverage from around the world, you can stay up-to-date on the latest headlines and events. With its diverse programming and top-quality content, Directv Channel is FOX is the ultimate destination for all your entertainment needs. So why wait? Tune in today and see what you have been missing!

What is the Directv channel for Fox?

Directv Channel for Fox

When it comes to watching Fox on Directv, there are a few different channel to choose from. The basic Fox channel can be found on channel 360, while the high-definition version of Fox can be found on channel 360-1.

But Fox isn't just one channel – there are plenty of other Fox networks and channels you may be interested in watching. For example, Fox News can be found on channel 360, while Fox Business Network can be found on channel 359. If you're a fan of sports, you'll be happy to know that Fox Sports 1 is on channel 219, while Fox Sports 2 is on channel 618.

In addition to these channels, there are also regional Fox networks that may be available in your area. These channels, such as Fox Sports Southwest or Fox Sports Midwest, will vary depending on where you live and what package you have with Directv.

So if you're looking to watch Fox on Directv, be sure to check out all of your channel options and tune in to the network that best fits your interests.

the FOX Sports Channels Available on DIRECTV”

What is DirecTV Channel Fox?

When it comes to television programming, DirecTV is one of the most popular satellite providers in the United States. With its vast range of channels, DirecTV is known for offering a diverse array of programming options to its subscribers. One of the most popular channels on DirecTV is Fox, which offers a wide range of programming options to its viewers. In this article, we will take a closer look at what DirecTV Channel Fox is all about and what programming options it offers.

The History of Fox:

Fox Broadcasting Company was launched in 1986 as a fourth television network in the United States. The network was founded by media mogul Rupert Murdoch and began broadcasting primetime programming two years later in 1988. Fox's early programming lineup included shows like “Married…With Children” and “The ,” which quickly became popular with audiences. Today, Fox is one of the most popular networks in the United States, and its programming is available on DirecTV Channel Fox.

Programming Options:

DirecTV Channel Fox offers a wide range of programming options to its viewers. Some of the most popular Fox programs include:

  • The Masked Singer – A reality competition show where contestants in elaborate costumes sing hit songs while judges and viewers try to guess their identity.
  • The Simpsons – A long-running animated sitcom that follows the lives of the Simpson family.
  • Empire – A drama series about a family that runs a music empire.
  • 9-1-1 – A drama series that follows the lives of first responders in Los Angeles.
  • The Resident – A medical drama series that explores the inner workings of a hospital.

In addition to these popular programs, DirecTV Channel Fox also offers live sports programming, news programming, and a variety of other shows and movies.


DirecTV Channel Fox is available to DirecTV subscribers across the United States. The channel is included in most DirecTV programming packages, so subscribers can access it without having to pay extra fees. In addition to being available on DirecTV, Fox is also available on a variety of other cable and satellite providers in the United States.


DirecTV Channel Fox is a popular programming option for DirecTV subscribers who are looking for a diverse selection of programming options. With its wide range of popular shows and live sports programming, Fox is a go-to destination for viewers who want to stay up-to-date on the latest news and entertainment. If you are a DirecTV subscriber, be sure to check out DirecTV Channel Fox to see what programming options are available to you.

Directv Channel for Fox

  • Fox News Channel – Channel 360
  • Fox Business Network – Channel 359
  • Fox Sports 1 – Channel 219
  • Fox Sports 2 – Channel 618
  • FX – Channel 248
  • FXX – Channel 259

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is Fox on DirecTV?

Fox is available on channel 360 on DirecTV.

Is Fox News available on DirecTV?

Yes, Fox News is available on DirecTV on channel 360.

What package do I need to get Fox on DirecTV?

Fox is included in all DirecTV packages, so you don't need to purchase any additional package to get Fox.

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